Ornament Topiaries

By  Patty Schaffer  for  The Dow Chemical Co.

size: approximately 18" tall

  • Ornament Topiaries


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Disks, 1” thick: 6”, two; 4”, one
  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Ball, 4”
  • Wooden dowels, 3/8”x12”, two
  • Clay pots, 4”, two
  • Heavy chipboard
  • Glitter paper: red, white
  • Corrugated light bulb box
  • Thin silver wire
  • White shredded paper basket filler


  • Circle punch, 1-1/4”
  • Scalloped-edge scissors
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paints: All Purpose White Primer, Silver Metallic, Gloss White, Gloss Cherry Red
  • Adhesives: double-sided tape, hot glue gun, low-temp glue gun

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, pins, serrated knife, tape measure, wire cutters
  • 1. Following manufacturer's instructions, paint clay pots with primer. When dry, spray pots Gloss White. Let dry completely. Mask off bottom of pots using painter's tape, leaving only rims exposed. Spray rims Gloss Cherry Red; let dry.
  • 2. Paint wooden dowels Silver Metallic; let dry.
  • 3. Insert wooden dowel into edge of each large foam disk. Remove dowel.
  • 4. Lay large foam disk flat on red glitter paper. Trace shape with pencil. Remove disk and cut out circle 3/8" outside tracing line. Snip tiny tabs from outer edge to tracing line around perimeter of circle. Repeat to make four circles.
  • 5. Align one tabbed circle to flat side of large disk using traced line as guide. Pin down each tab, wrapping around edge of disk. Repeat to cover both sides of two large disks.
  • 6. Measure distance around edge of large disks, from one side of dowel hole to other. Cut two 5/8"-wide strips of red glitter paper to this length. Adhere strips around outer edge of large disks using double-sided tape, leaving dowel hole open and exposed.
  • 7. Repeat Steps 4-6 to cover small disk with white glitter paper. Measure completely around disk to cut edge-covering strip, as small disk does not have dowel.
  • 8. Punch 21 polka dots from white glitter paper using circle punch. Adhere dots to both sides of one large red disk, trimming at edge along arc of disk.
  • 9. Cut four 1"x4" red glitter paper strips. Cut two strips in half, making two wide and four narrow by 4" length. Trim one long edge of each narrow strip using scalloped scissors. Adhere strips to both sides of small white ornament as shown, trimming at edge along arc of disk.
  • 10. Apply low-temp glue gun into dowel holes in large red ornaments. Insert dowels into holes and allow glue to set.
  • 11. Cut circular piece of chipboard to fit inside bottom of each pot; adhere in place using hot glue gun. Cut foam ball in half using serrated knife. Wedge ball inside pot with flat side up. Insert dowel into foam, making sure dowel is straight. Remove dowel and foam.
  • 12. Apply hot glue gun into flower pot where dowel will make contact with pot. Reinsert foam and dowel into pot. Apply low-temp glue gun around area where dowel is inserted into foam. Let glue set up and dry completely.
  • 13. Adhere small white ornament to plain red ornament using hot glue gun, setting it slightly off to one side as shown. Let dry.
  • 14. Cut three 5/8"-wide strips from corrugated lightbulb box. Roll each strip upon itself into coil and secure using hot glue gun. Spray paint Silver Metallic; let dry.
  • 15. Cut three 1-1/2" lengths of wire; bend each into "U" shape. Place drop of hot glue on each end of one bent wire and insert open ends down into cardboard coil to create ornament "hanger." Repeat for remaining coils. Adhere hangers in place on ornaments using hot glue gun.
  • 16. Apply low-temp glue gun onto flat foam surface inside pots. Fill pots with basket filler.