Baby Gift Jar

By  Laura Nicholas  for  Hot Off The Press

size: 5-1/2" tall

  • Baby Gift Jar


  • Glass jar, 5-1/2” tall
  • Paper Pizazz Pastel Use ‘Em for Anything Papers
  • Pastel Silk Flowers
  • Pastel Brad Pack
  • Baby Girl Brad Buddies


  • Brilliance ink pad: Moonlight White
  • Zots
  • Glue stick
  • Craft knife
  • 1. Cut four 1-3/4" squares from purple textured paper; ink edges. Mat squares on 2-1/2" purple plaid squares.
  • 2. Cut slits in plaid mats along left and right edges of purple textured squares. Use brads to attach bear Brad Buddies™ to two matted squares.
  • 3. Thread 28" pink polka dot ribbon length through slits in squares and use Zots to adhere square to opposite sides of jar. Tie ribbon ends into bow and trim ends.
  • 4. Cut purple textured paper circle to fit lid; ink edges and adhere to lid.
  • 5. Layer large and small silk flower together with brad in center and use Zots to adhere to lid. Fill jar as desired.