Turkey Napkin Ring

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 6-1/2"x4-1/4"


  • Fibre-Craft Foam Sheets: brown, orange, red, orange glitter, yellow glitter
  • Recycled cardboard tube
  • Pony beads: yellow, four; orange, two
  • Orange chenille stems, two
  • Orange patterned ribbon, 1/2”-wide
  • Paper scraps: white, black


  • Circle punches: 5/8”, 1/4”
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Pattern - Turkey Napkin Ring

  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Cut 2" length from tube.
  • 2. Measure circumference of tube; this is measurement "A". Cut strip of brown foam measuring 2"xA"; adhere around tube.
  • 3. Punch two white large circles and two small black circles. Adhere white circle eyes to head, overlapping in center; adhere black circle pupils to eyes. Adhere remaining facial features to head. Tie ribbon in bow; adhere wings, head, and bow to turkey body.
  • 4. Bend one end of chenille stem into three points for feet; wrap to secure. After foot, measure 3-1/2" of stem for leg; trim excess. Thread beads on legs, alternating colors as shown. Adhere top 3/4" of leg to back of body at bottom, sticking straight out to side under wing. Repeat for second leg.
  • 5. Adhere body to roll, covering seam. Bend legs toward front.
  • 6. Adhere orange feathers to yellow back feathers; adhere to roll. Insert napkin to use.