Stenciled Zen Vase

for  Craft Marketing Connections

size: varies


  • White rectangular ceramic vase
  • Natural bamboo stalks, 1/2”x18”, nine
  • FloraCraft Design It: Silk & Naturals: Desert Foam Brick, 2-5/8”x3-1/2”x7-7/8”; Straw Weavers Natural Excelsior
  • Hampton Art KI Memories Mini Celebrations Collection Hexagon Die-cut Lace Paper, 12”x12”


  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Designer Series Scissors, 8”
  • Design Master: ColorTool Flat Black Spray, Clear Finish Matte Spray, Tack 1000 Spray Adhesive, Mess Master Spray Solvent
  • Low-temp glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • sandpaper, newspaper (to cover work surface), large cardboard box, hand saw, yardstick
  • 1. Clean and dry vase. Wrap lace paper around vase to determine size. Trim top edge even with vase rim.
  • 2. Cover work surface with newspaper. Working inside large cardboard box, spray one side of lace paper with adhesive. Let set for three minutes.
  • 3. Carefully lift paper stencil and wrap around vase. Lightly press stencil against vase until adjusted; avoid allowing adhesive to touch areas of vase to be painted. Once positioned, securely press lace stencil to vase. (Note: If any areas are even slightly raised, spray can get under the stencil and prevent crisp design lines.)
  • 4. Change newspaper in spraying box. Spray vase black, keeping nozzle parallel with surface.
  • 5. Slowly remove stencil, keeping adhesive on stencil and not on vase. If strong black/white contrast is desired, skip to Step 6. If there are imperfections or a more subtle look is preferred, place vase back in spray box without stencil. With nozzle 18" away, very lightly spray vase. (Note: Be careful not to apply too much paint or vase will appear black. Apply solvent to remove design from vase if not satisfied with design.)
  • 6. Apply several coats of sealer. Let dry.
  • 7. Ensure foam fits into vase. Apply glue at bottom of vase; insert foam. Cut seven bamboo stalks in varying lengths with saw: 14", two 13", 12", 11", 10", two 9", two 7". Spray one stalk of each length black, leaving four unpainted. Remove some paint from stalks with sandpaper for distressed look; wipe clean.
  • 8. Insert stalks into foam, working from tallest to shortest. Insert all over vase to vary color and lengths. Add excelsior to top of foam brick, nestling it between stalks. Spot glue if needed.
  • Tip
  • 1. Want to upcycle an old vase - but it is a different shape? No problem! FloraCraft Foam comes in many shapes that can easily be trimmed to fit your vase perfectly.