Simply Sophisticated Wine Box

By  Roxi Phillips  for  Krylon

Set the mood for an elegant wine tasting event with this sophisticated wine box. This classy case is perfect for the wine connoisseur or as stylish packaging for any gift.


  • Wine box
  • Organza ribbon, 1/4”, 2 yds.
  • Tassel
  • Coordinating decorative paper


  • Krylon Make It Stone! Copper Metallic Textured Paint
  • Copper Leafing Pen
  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • Spray Adhesive

Pattern - Infused Oils

  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to spray paint box and lid; let dry. Repeat if needed.
  • 2. Cut 3"- and 4"-wide strips from paper to fit around box; edge with leafing pen. Apply Spray Adhesive to backs of strips; adhere ribbon to edges of strips, letting half of ribbon extend beyond edge. Wrap strips around box.
  • 3. Punch hole in front of lid. Thread tassel through hole; knot on inside to secure.