Quilled Poinsettia Ornament

By  Ann Martin 

size: 2"



  • Quilling papers, 1/8”-wide: ivory; dk. green; silver
  • Silver thread or cording, 6” length
  • Silver metallic gel pen


  • Quilling tool (needle or slotted)
  • Glass head pins
  • Non-stick work surface
  • Paper glue
  • 1. For top layer, use 7"-long ivory strips to make seven loose coils. Pinch each coil at opposite points to create marquise shapes.
  • 2. For bottom layer, use 8"-long dk. green strips to make seven loose coils; pinch to create marquise shapes.
  • 3. Arrange marquises of each color into a circle; glue in place. (Note: Use as little glue as possible so it is not visible on finished ornament.) Assemble ornament by placing circle of glue at center of dk. green layer and place ivory layer on top.
  • 4. For flower center, use 3"-long silver strips to make seven tight coils. Use ball of glass head pin to shape top of each coil by pressing from under coil. Use pin tip to apply tiny amount of glue inside coil, and coat rounded top with gel pen for extra sparkle. Glue coils to flower center.
  • 5. For hanger, silver thread or cord through dk. green marquise; knot ends.
  • Note
  • 1. Read "Quilling 101" before beginning project.
  • Quilling 101
  • 1. The slotted tool is quite easy to use, however, the only disadvantage is that the slot leaves a small crimp in the center of each coil. The needle tool is more difficult to master, although is creates coils with perfectly round centers.
  • 2. Slotted Tool: Hold tool in dominant hand and slip strip end into slot. Evenly turn tool to roll paper. When you reach the end of the strip, apply glue to torn end. (Note: Torn ends blend better than cut edges.) Hold in place for several seconds, then slide tight coil from tool. For loose coil, let wound paper relax and slip off tool; glue loose end to circle. For marquise shape, pinch opposite ends of loose coil into points.
  • 3. Needle Tool: Moisten strip end and bend end of paper over needle. Use even pressure of thumb and index finger to roll paper to end of strip. Tool does not turn, so rotate paper around the needle. Make tight or loose coils in same way as slotted tool.
  • More
  • 1. Use quilled poinsettias to embellish cards, gift packages, frames, journals, and more.