Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Ornament

By  Anabelle O’Malley  for  Paper Salon

size: 4"


  • Paper coaster, 4”
  • Bliss Boy Collection: double-sided papers: mini-stripe/solid; planes/mega stripes. Stickers: tag; letter
  • Lt. orange eyelet, 1/8”
  • Lt. blue sheer ribbon, 3/4”, 12” length.
  • Fishing line
  • Coordinating beads of choice


  • Winter Wonderland Tailored Tin stocking stamp
  • Pear Ink Pad
  • Orange fine-tip permanent pen
  • Paper Shapers: Snowflake
  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • Sewing machine and white thread

Pattern - Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Ornament

  • 1. Trace coaster onto wrong side of striped paper; cut out. Machine sew straight stitches close to striped circle edges; adhere to coaster.
  • 2. Cut semi circle from orange paper; machine sew close to edges and glue to striped circle.
  • 3. Print and cut out patterns. Cut small star from lt. green and large star from lt. yellow; machine sew close to edges and adhere to ornament. Cut tag from white; adhere letter stickers to spell "baby" and orange pen to write "for".
  • 4. Stamp stocking on yellow star. Color alternating stripes and top of cuff white.
  • 5. Punch orange, yellow, and white snowflakes; adhere to ornament.
  • 6. Punch hole in top of ornament; attach eyelet.
  • 7. For hanger, thread 10" fishing line through eyelet. Tie ribbon bow around both lengths. String beads onto both lengths as desired; knot ends at top.