Vintage Holiday Box

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 5"x9"


  • Papier-mâché round box, 5”x9”
  • Assorted artificial Christmas greenery
  • Red bridal netting/tulle, 4”x36”
  • White/off-white medium rickrack
  • Ribbon: dark green, 1/2”; light green wireedge, 1-1/2”
  • Red baby rickrack
  • White vintage buttons, two
  • Patterned paper (Basic Grey): beige; red
  • Gold photo corners
  • Antique Images CD vintage postcard designs (Red Castle)
  • Gold eyelet, 3/16”


  • Warm White Americana Acrylic Paint (DecoArt)
  • Brown ink pad
  • Gold perle cotton
  • Sewing machine and gold thread
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Computer and printer
  • Electric drill and 1/8” bit
  • Twist tie
  • 1. Drill eight holes evenly spaced in side of lid, 1/4" from bottom edge. Sand holes to smooth.
  • 2. Basecoat box Warm White. Let dry. Lightly sand edges for a distressed look.
  • 3. Thread 16" dark green ribbon lengths through lid holes and tie bows. Trim ends.
  • 4. Fold light green ribbon into eight 8" loops. Wrap a twist tie around center of loops to secure. Open up loops into a circle and glue to center of lid. Glue white rickrack around top of lid close to edge.
  • 5. Fold netting strip in half lengthwise and sew a basting stitch close to folded edge. Pull basting stitches to gather. Join thread to beginning of gathering to make a circle. Glue netting circle and Christmas greenery on top of ribbon loops on lid.
  • 6. Print eight Christmas postcards from CD so they are 3-1/4" tall. Cut eight 2-1/4"x3-1/2" rectangles from red paper. Glue postcards to red rectangles. Machine sew straight stitches around post cards, 1/8" from edges. Adhere photo corners to red rectangles. Place lid on box. Glue assembled postcards evenly spaced around side of box between ribbon bows.
  • 7. For tag. Print "Full of Christmas Love" on beige paper; trim tag shape. Antique tag edges with brown ink. Punch 3/16" hole in tag; attach eyelet. Glue two rows of red rickrack around end of tag. Use perle cotton to sew buttons to tag, and to attach tag to netting on box lid.