Soldered Ornament

By  Keri Lee Sereika 

size: 2"x3"


  • Patterned papers (Crafty Secrets): Earthy paper pad
  • Cotton Scraps (Crafty Secrets): Winter
  • Red with white Dots Ribbon (May Arts)
  • Silver Spiral Clips (Creative Impressions), two
  • Glass Pieces*, 2”x3”
  • Red Bead Charm*
  • Jump Ring*
  • Lead Free Solder*
  • Copper Scalloped-Edged Foil Tape*
  • Acid Free Flux*
  • Super Shiny Solder Polish*


  • Solder Iron*
  • Iron Stand*
  • Clamp Set*
  • 1. Cut 2"x3" rectangle from Earthy patterned paper and 2"x3" rectangle from Winter Cotton Scrap. Place back sides together and sandwich between glass sheets. Wrap with scalloped copper foil, apply acid free flux and solder following manufacturer's instructions.
  • 2. Solder jump ring to top of ornament and spiral clip to bottom.
  • 3. Thread red bead charm onto bottom spiral clip and spiral clip onto jump ring. For hanger, tie loop of ribbon to top spiral clip.