Pretty Paper Pinwheels

By  Charlotte Canup 


  • Brenda Walton’s Peppermint Twist double-sided patterned papers (K&Company)
  • White & red paint
  • 12mm Wooden bead with 1/8” opening
  • 1/8”-thick, 4-1/2” long dowel
  • Jingle bells
  • White crochet thread


  • 1/8”-thick, 4-1/2” long dowel
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Knife to cut dowel
  • Hole punch
  • 5” Wire length
  • Glue
  • 1. Picture your tree trimmed with these fancy pinwheel ornaments. Designer Charlotte Canup created this set using Brenda Walton's Peppermint Twist double-sided patterned papers (K&Company). For each ornament, paint 1/8"-thick, 4-1/2" long dowel white and 12mm wooden bead with 1/8" opening red. Let dry. Cut a 3" square from patterned paper. From each corner, make a 1-1/2" diagonal cut toward the center forming four triangles, leaving an area in the center of the square uncut. Punch a hole in the center of the square and in the left-hand point of each triangle.
  • 2. String jingle bell onto center of 5" wire length. Fold wire ends together, twist wire twice as close to bell as possible. For pinwheel, thread wire ends clockwise through each triangle hole, then through center hole. Pull wire ends apart to secure. Tightly wrap wire ends around dowel, 1/2" from tip.
  • 3. Glue paint bead to dowel end. For hanger, glue white crochet thread ends to each side of dowel on back of pinwheel.