Garden Herb Recipe Clips

By  Mary Ayres 

sizes: garden herb recipe clips; 6" tall

  • Garden Herb Recipe Clips


  • Peg Photo Clips, 6” tall, two
  • Recess lined and textured papers (Basic Grey), two of each type
  • Scrap Essentials Antique Mold Alphabet (JoAnn)
  • Natural hemp cord
  • Vintage buttons, two
  • Fresh herb sprigs, two


  • Brown ink pad
  • Aleene’s (Duncan): Paper Glaze; Original Tacky Glue Brush-On
  • Computer and printer
  • Optional computer fonts (Autumn Leaves): AL Fat Boy; AL Poster; TIA Sunday; 2Peas Fiori
  • 1. Note: Press herbs in book or flower press for several days before beginning project.
  • 2. Cut rectangle from lined paper to same size as top front of clip; ink edges and glue to clip.
  • 3. Print herb name, minus first letter, and definition or description on green paper. (Note: Line length should be 3-1/4".) Cut rectangle around words to same size as bottom front of clip; ink edges and glue to clip.
  • 4. Glue pressed herb to top of clip, trimming herb even with edge as needed.
  • 5. Glue metal alphabet letter (first letter of herb name) to clip in front of herb.
  • 6. Cover entire top of clip with Paper Glaze.
  • 7. Wrap hemp cord around top of clip several times; insert ends through button and knot. Trim ends 1" past knot and unravel.
  • 8. Peg Photo Clips (Item #LN17002N) are available from or call (800) 572-6885.
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