Bird Seed Gift Tin

By  Michelle Tardie 

sizes: bird seed gift tin; 10" tall

  • Bird Seed Gift Tin


  • White tin canister (Provo Craft), 10” tall
  • Periphery Collection (Basic Grey): patterned papers: Verdot; Zinfandel; Cabernet; buttons; rub-ons
  • White stitching rub-ons (DCWV)
  • Raffia
  • Bird seed


  • Mini Glue Dots (Glue Dots International)
  • Double-sided tape
  • 1. Trim Zinfandel paper to cover tin.
  • 2. Trim 8"-wide Verdot paper strip; adhere over Zinfandel, leaving slight edge of Zinfandel showing.
  • 3. Apply stitching rub-ons over edges of paper and remaining rub-ons to paper as desired.
  • 4. Use double-sided tape to adhere paper to tin. Adhere buttons to bottom of tin. Tie raffia around top of tin.
  • 5. Trace lid onto wrong side of Cabernet paper; cut out. Adhere paper and buttons to lid. Fill tin with bird seed.
  • 6. See projects: Garden Herb Recipe Clips & Vintage Seed Packet Gift Packages to go along with this one.