Vintage Holiday Postcards

By  Linda Wyszynski 

sizes: 4"x6" each


  • Cardstock
  • Robert Kaufman Fabrics Pimatex Cotton Off-White PFD Fabric
  • Christmas print fabrics
  • Pellon Featherweight Fusible Interfacing
  • Kreinik Fine #8 Braid: Gold (002), Golden Sand (212), Curry (2122), Star Green (9194)
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: Pistachio Green-MD (320), Old Gold-VY LT (677), Bright Green (700)
  • Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads: Rich Red Antique (G03049); Brilliant Orchid (G02085); Red Red Frosted (G62013); Victorian Gold Petite (G42011), Red Red Petite (G42013), Bottle Green Petite (G45270)
  • YLI Silamide Beading Thread, size A: Red, Lilac, Silver
  • Sewing thread: old gold, chocolate
  • Letter-size printer paper


  • Needles: crewel, #6; embroidery; beading
  • Fabric and paper rotary cutters with cutting mat
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • freezer paper, iron with pressing cloth and surface, scissors, ruler, computer with inkjet printer, small dish or coated paper plate, plastic knife, wax paper, plastic bags

Pattern - Vintage Holiday Postcards

  • Prepare PFD Panels
  • 1. Press all fabric to remove wrinkles.
  • 2. Cut 8-1/2"x11" panel from PFD fabric using rotary cutter. Cut identical size panel from freezer paper. Place fabric right side up on coated side of freezer paper. Using dry iron on cotton setting, fuse PFD fabric to freezer paper, ironing in one direction and slowly pressing fabric into place. Trim edges to exact size to avoid jamming printer.
  • 3. Place fused PFD fabric into printer paper tray so print will be on fabric side. Print out images; let dry thoroughly. Remove freezer paper by pulling it gently away from fabric starting in corner. Cut card panels apart, leaving margin around edges.
  • 4. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse piece of interfacing to wrong side of PFD panel. Let cool completely. Repeat for second greeting card; set PFD panels aside.
  • Prepare Fabric Card Base
  • 1. Cut 4-3/4"x6-1/2" print fabric panel using cloth rotary cutter. Cut 4"x6" cardstock panel.
  • 2. Prepare work surface by covering with large clean plastic bag or freezer paper with shiny side up. Mix (2:1) glue with water in dish or plate using plastic knife.
  • 3. Place print fabric panel right side down on covered work surface. Apply thin coat of glue mixture to panel using paintbrush. Place cardstock panel in center of fabric and run fingers over card, pressing card into fabric without shifting it. When fabric is smooth and glued together, gently slide between folded piece of freezer paper and lay on flat, smooth surface. Cover with piece of plastic wrap or wax paper; place heavy book on top. Let dry for 12 hours or more. Remove book and let air dry completely.
  • 4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for second greeting card.
  • Embellish Purple Flower Panel
  • 1. Note: Use crewel needle with braid, embroidery needle with floss and thread, and use beading needle with beading stitches. Refer to photo for stitch placement.
  • 2. Couch stitch Golden Sand braid around large holly leaf outline using old gold thread. Use long piece of braid, working from top to tip along holly. Take braid down into fabric at each tip and come up either above or aside the braid for next section.
  • 3. Stem stitch to work around some of the small holly leaves at top of card using Star Green braid. Refer to photo for placement.
  • 4. Bead row stitch Bottle Green Petite beads to work veins in center of small holly leaves using Silver beading thread.
  • 5. Straight stitch to work some small veins coming out from center vein using one strand Medium Pistachio Green floss.
  • 6. Single bead backstitch to attach single Red Red Frosted beads over holly berries around small holly leaves.
  • 7. Bead row stitch purple seed beads in center of purple flowers using Purple beading thread. Place two beads in center of each flower, then work beads in circle around center.
  • 8. Couch stitch Gold braid around border of card using old gold thread. Use long piece of braid working from corner to corner, taking braid to back slightly short of each corner. Come up to side of laid braid to work next length.
  • Embellish Santa Panel
  • 1. Bead row stitch Victorian Gold Petite beads to work gold sections of lattice at top of trellis using Silver beading thread.
  • 2. Use one strand of 700 Bright Green floss to lazy daisy stitch tiny vine leaves within trellis, tip of vine below trellis, and sprig on Santa's pack. Turn some leaves upward instead of downward to add interest.
  • 3. Single bead backstitch Red Red Petite beads to attach vine berries using Red beading thread. (Note: These berries do not appear on transferred image.) Place beads around leaves as shown in photo for additional color.
  • 4. Single bead backstitch Rich Red Antique beads to attach holly berries among holly leaves at bottom of card using Red beading thread.
  • 5. Couch stitch Curry braid to work deep brown section of border below trellis at card's edge using chocolate thread.
  • 6. Couch stitch Gold braid in gold areas around side and top of trellis, continuing above Curry section from previous step using old gold thread. Use long piece of Gold braid working from section to section.
  • Finishing Cards
  • 1. Using rotary cutter, trim extra fabric from outside edge of printed PFD fabric, leaving very small amount of fabric around card.
  • 2. Attach embellished PFD panel to fabric side of card base using running stitch and one strand Very Light Old Gold floss. Center card as much as possible; they are not square. Work row of running stitches around edge between braid and embellished card edge. End stitching on back side with two loop knots. Place tiny drop of glue to hold thread. Let dry before turning over.
  • 3. Hand write greeting on cardstock side of card.
  • Tips
  • 1. PFD fabric has been manufactured to accept paint and dye. Using it during design transfer provides a sharper appearance than regular muslin, although muslin may be used.
  • 2. To mail the cards, place in envelope with padding measuring 4-1/8"x6-1/8" or larger. Check with your local post office for additional regulations and postage requirements.