Santa Candy Wraps

Turn a simple box of candy into Santa using cardstock and our pattern. Makes for a unique gift idea or a fun project to do with kids!
By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 9" tall


  • Candy containers, 6-1/2”x3”, two (i.e. Reese’s Pieces box)
  • Cardstock: red, green, white, light pink, black
  • Wiggle eyes, four
  • Red rhinestones, three
  • Pompoms: white, small, two; pink, small, medium
  • Candy


  • Holly leaf paper punch, small
  • Paper crimper
  • Pink chalk
  • Beacon Adhesives Kid’s Choice! Glue

Basic Supplies

  • paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pencil, toothpicks (to apply glue)

Pattern - Santa Candy Wraps

  • 1. Print out full-size pattern.
  • 2. For full body Santa, cut out 4"x8" strip from red cardstock for suit; run through paper crimper and adhere onto lower half of candy box. Cut out hat from red cardstock; adhere to top of box. Cut belt and two boots from black cardstock. Adhere boots to front bottom of box and belt to center of suit.
  • 3. Cut face from pink cardstock; adhere to top of suit. Cut out beard and moustache from white cardstock; adhere to face. Cut two 1"x8" strips from white cardstock for suit and hat trim. Adhere trim to hat and at bottom of suit as shown.
  • 4. Use pink chalk to lightly apply blush to cheeks using fingers. Adhere eyes and pink pompom nose to face and white pompom on tip of hat.
  • 5. For Santa Face box, cut out a 4"x8" long strip of pink cardstock for face; adhere to box as shown. Cut hat from red cardstock and adhere around top of face area. Use finger and pink chalk to color in cheeks.
  • 6. Cut 2"x8" strip of white cardstock for beard and adhere around bottom of face, wrapping around to back of box. Cut 1-1/2"x8" strip for hat trim from white cardstock and adhere to bottom of hat area, covering top of face.
  • 7. For moustache, cut 1/2"x8" strip; fold in half and curl ends with fingers as shown. Adhere moustache to face just above beard. Adhere large pink pompom for nose and wiggle eyes to face as shown. Adhere white pompom onto hat tip.
  • 8. Punch holly leaves from green cardstock; cluster and adhere to left side of hat brim. Adhere three red rhinestones to holly for berries.