Photo Magnets

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 3"-8" tall


  • Adhes-A-Mag PROMAG, 5”x8” (MSI)
  • Black, blue, or coordinating permanent marker
  • Photos or color photocopies of photos


  • Small craft or manicure scissors
  • 1. Choose photos with large complete images, such as a child, person, house, or family pet. Roughly cut out, leaving 1/2" border; attach to adhesive side of Adhes-A-Mag.
  • 2. Carefully trim around outside edge of image, cutting through both layers. Cut in and out of tiny areas to show every detail of the photo. Quick Tip: When cutting, rotate magnetic sheet as well as scissors for smooth edges.
  • 3. To smooth and finish cut edges of photo, hold magnet in one hand and permanent marker in other. With marker perpendicular to photo and with barrel of marker below photo, run just tip of marker along cut edges of photo.