Wine Bottle Tag

size: 3-1/2"x5"

  • Wine Bottle Tag


  • Recycled plastic milk jug
  • White ribbon, 1/8”-wide
  • Lion Brand Yarns White Fun Fur
  • Glass beads, three each: dark pink, light pink
  • White sewing thread


  • Gold pen or marker

Basic Supplies

  • sewing needle, scissors, hole punch, copy paper, craft knife

Pattern - Wine Bottle Tag

  • 1. Cut off top and the bottom from milk jug, cutting as close as possible to top, handle, and bottom, for largest flat area. Measure and cut 3-1/2"x5" from flat area for tag shape.
  • 2. Print out pattern onto copy paper.
  • 3. Position pattern on work surface and plastic tag over pattern. Use pencil to lightly trace design on plastic tag. Use gold pen to go over pencil lines and outline edges of tag. Let dry. Erase pattern lines. Turn tag over; trace over gold lines on back of tag. Let dry.
  • 4. Punch two holes, spaced evenly, on top of tag for hanger. Punch three holes, evenly spaced, on bottom of tag for embellishments.
  • 5. Measure and cut four 10" white ribbon lengths. For hanger, insert ribbon ends through holes on top of tag; knot ends. For embellishments, thread bead on end of each remaining ribbon length; thread ribbon lengths through each hole on bottom of tag with 1/2" of ribbon length extending below tag.
  • 6. Sew bottom ribbons in place with beads positioned just below tag using needle and thread. Sew remaining bead to hide tucked ribbon; repeat for all ribbons.
  • 7. Cut three 12" eyelash yarn lengths; tie through each hole on bottom of tag. Knot ends.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use craft knife to lightly score tag shape before cutting from milk jug.