Tomato Cage with Table Tags

By  Mary Ayres 

size: varies

  • Tomato Cage with Table Tags
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  • Tomato cage
  • Floral arrangement, silk or natural
  • Clear vase, 5”x9”
  • Washers, 1”
  • Split key rings, 1-1/2”
  • Silver “S” hooks
  • Ivory cardstock
  • Beads: purple, 8mm; crystal, 6mm
  • Silver head pins, 2”
  • Natural jute twine
  • Metal adjustable clamp, 4” diameter (or same size as vase opening)


  • Metal uppercase block alphabet stamps, 1/8”
  • Steel bench block, ball peen hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Hole punch, 3/16”
  • Computer with Word program and printer
  • Brown ink pad
  • Bronze spray paint
  • Black acrylic paint

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, paper cutter, fine steel wool, newspaper (to cover work surface), sponge scrap
  • 1. In well-ventilated area, spray tomato cage and adjustable clamp bronze. Let dry.
  • 2. Turn tomato cage upside down on work surface. Tighten clamp around wire ends of tomato cage about 1" from top. (Note: Clamp should be tightened so it is smaller than top edge of vase.) Place vase inside metal clamp. Arrange flowers in vase as desired.
  • 3. Position "S" hooks on wire rings on tomato cage. (Note: You will need one "S" hook for each key ring tag.)
  • 4. To make key rings, stamp individual names or names of couples on washers using metal alphabet stamps, steel bench block, and ball peen hammer. Slide washers onto key rings.
  • 5. Insert head pins through beads. Bend top of head pin over at 90º angle 1/2" from top of bead using needle-nose pliers. With pliers still placed at bend in wire, wrap bent end of head pin around wire at top of bead several times, forming loop above bead. Trim wire close to wrap using wire cutters. Bend end of wire around top of bead. Slide beaded wire loops onto key ring.
  • 6. To make tags, print names and table numbers on ivory cardstock, leaving space on left side and between names/numbers to cut out tag shapes. Cut 2"x4" tag shapes around names/numbers.
  • 7. Rub front and back edges of tags with brown ink, using small sponge scrap. Punch 3/16" hole in center top of tag. Cut 10" length of jute twine. Fold twine pieces in half and insert ends through hole in tag, going from back to front; bring ends back through loop pulling ends away from tag with loop at edge of tag. Wrap twine around key ring and tie ends into knot 1" from edge of tag. Trim twine ends 1/2" from knot.
  • 8. Hang key rings on "S" hooks.
  • Tip
  • 1. Purchase a sturdy tomato cage that will stand straight when turned upside down, using a smaller size for a small wedding and a taller size for a larger gathering.