Torn Paper Collage Frame

By  Charlene Kochensparger 

size: 8"x10"

  • Torn Paper Collage Frame


  • Recycled cereal box
  • Paper scraps: scrapbook, print, handmade, construction, etc.
  • Magnet
  • Photo
  • Glue stick


  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • 1. Measure and cut 8"x10" rectangle from recycled cereal box. On center of rectangle, measure and mark 4"x6" rectangle. Cut out rectangle (for photo) slightly smaller than marked measurements.
  • 2. Cut bunny from leftover cereal box. Glue paper on top of bunny. Use hole punch to cut two black circles (eyes) and small pink ovals (inner ears). Glue eyes and ears on bunny.
  • 3. Tear and cut paper for sun, clouds, rainbow, and flowers. See photo.
  • 4. Glue magnet on back of frame.
  • 5. Tape or glue photo on back side of frame.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use recycled newspaper, junk mail, old magazines or other "throw-away" items for unique paper in collage!