Pinky The Pig

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 12" tall

  • Pinky the Pig


  • Recycled cereal box
  • Construction paper or cardstock: pink, dk. pink, red, black
  • Wiggle eyes, two large
  • Yarn, small amount: pink, dk. pink
  • Red heart button
  • Gold cording, 4” length
  • Red gingham ribbon, 24” length
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Black marker

Pattern - Pinky The Pig

  • 1. Cut top flaps from cereal box (for opening). Trace cereal box sides on pink paper. Glue rectangles on sides of box.
  • 2. Print and cut out patterns.
  • 3. Use black marker to outline snout and ears. Glue inner ears on ears. Glue ears on top corners of box, two black paper circles on snout, and snout on center of box.
  • 4. For eyes, glue two black paper circles above snout. Glue wiggle eyes on eyes. For cheeks, glue red paper heart on each side of snout.
  • 5. For hair, measure and cut 15 5" lengths of dk. pink and pink yarn. Bundle yarn lengths together; tie yarn around center. Glue yarn between ears.
  • 6. For necklace, measure and cut ribbon to fit around box. Thread heart button on gold cording; knot ends around ribbon length. Glue ribbon around box.