Mini-Light Lanterns

By  Rebecca Ortinau 

Slip these little lantern covers over ordinary mini-lights - they're quick-to-make, inexpensive, and can be customized to fit any occasion!

  • Mini-Light Lanterns
  • Closeup View
  • Fig. 1


  • Mini-light strand
  • Pastel vellum, assorted colors


  • Hot glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Cut 2-1/2"x4" rectangle from paper for each light bulb. Fold in half to measure 1-1/4"x4". Cut evenly spaced slits, 1/4" to 1/2" apart, along folded edge, stopping 1/8" from open edge (Fig. 1).

    Figure 1
  • 2. Open rectangle. Use hot glue gun to glue short edges together, forming cylinder.
  • 3. Cut small strip for handle. Adhere one handle end inside upper lantern edge. Position lantern over light bulb and adhere remaining handle in place.
  • Other Options
  • 1. Try ultra-thin metal sheets for more durable outdoor lanterns.
  • 2. Seasonal options might include: alternating red and green lanterns; orange pumpkins with green handles and black triangle eyes; red, white, and blue lanterns with streaming ribbons. Get creative!