Manga Comic-Style Monsters & Superheroes

By  Carrie Davey and students  for  Sakura of America

Art Teacher and 1st-5th grade students of Schools of Roselle Park, New Jersey

  • Created by Armani
  • Osamu Tezuka - Developing Manga Storytelling
  • Created by Charlotte
  • Created by Elle
  • Created by Gianna
  • Created by Omar


  • White drawing paper
  • Drawing pencil
  • Markers, oil pastels, or crayons
  • Manga comic books (for inspiration)
  • 1. On drawing paper, sketch out basic idea of superhero or monster. Refer to manga comic books and online resources for inspiration. Exaggerate facial elements like head and eyes as in manga style.
  • 2. Determine favorite elements of superhero or monster. Exaggerate these elements in drawing by including special powers and background elements.
  • 3. Use markers, colored pencils, or oil pastels to color in superhero or monster. Add color to background.
  • 4. Create construction-paper frame by cutting strips to border drawing. Or glue drawing on construction paper rectangle.
  • Tip
  • 1. Check out these additional resources:
  • 2. For more info on manga drawing and Osamu Tezuka, check out Pen-Manga-Drawing and exercises! In this project, create your own chibi monster or superhero! Think about your own special talents and use those characteristics when drawing your superhero!
  • 3. Comics In Your Curriculum by Richard Jenkins & Debra Detamore
  • 4. Let's Draw Manga - Astro Boy by Tezuka Productions Staff
  • 5. Manga Start Volumes 1-4 by Manga Start
  • Manga
  • 1. Comic illustration and story-telling is called manga in Japan. This simple art style is appealing because it portrays a character's emotions, expressions, and surroundings. Manga is used to illustrate situations of everyday life. Manga graphics are often used in fantasy or science-fiction stories in novels, comic books, and textbooks. A manga character is referred to as a chibi.
  • Osamu Tezuka - Developer
  • 1. The artist most known for developing manga storytelling is Osamu Tezuka (1928 -1989). Tezuka was born in and grew up near Osaka, Japan. Although he always loved to draw, Tezuka actually became a doctor and as a hobby, published a newspaper comic strip. After his comic strip became extremely popular, it was published into a novel. Tezuka became well-known for his chibis, Astro Boy and Kimba the Lion, who represented peaceful relations between humans and robots and humans and animals.