Loopy Bloom Tree

By  Debbie Carriere  for  My Favorite Things

Christmas is just around the corner! Create a beautiful Christmas tree using My Favorite Things Die-namics dies, stamps, and cardstock to add a festive touch to your holiday décor.

  • Loopy Bloom Tree
  • Full View
  • Die Cuts & Cone
  • Loopy Blooms Cut in Half
  • Ribbon Around Cone Base
  • Adhering Loopy Blooms to Tree
  • Pin on Tree Top
  • Finished Ornaments
  • Scored Stars
  • Back of Star
  • Finished Tree
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  • Papier-mâché cone, 3-3/4”x11”
  • My Favorite Things Cardstock: Jellybean Green, Smooth White, Electric Red, Kraft
  • My Favorite Things Jellybean Grosgrain Ribbon
  • My Favorite Things Hemp Cord
  • Pin, 3”
  • Clear rhinestones


  • Die-cutting system and My Favorite Things Die-namics Dies: Loopy Bloom, Christmas Ornaments, Star STAX
  • My Favorite Things Die-namics Christmas Ornaments Stamp
  • My Favorite Things Clearsnap ColorBox Premium Dye Ink Pads: Electric Red, Jellybean Green, Berrylicious
  • My Favorite Things MIX-ables Sheer: Shimmer Mist, Sparkle Glitter Glaze
  • Adhesives: hot glue gun, liquid glue, glue dots, foam squares

Basic Supplies

  • paper trimmer, scissors, pins, paintbrush or paper piercer
  • Project Preparation
  • 1. Cut 20 Loopy Blooms from Jellybean Green cardstock.

    Die Cuts & Cone
  • 2. Cut 16 ornaments from Smooth White cardstock (four of each shape) and 16 ornament toppers from Kraft cardstock.
  • 3. Cut six mini tags from Kraft cardstock and six mini tags from Smooth White cardstock.
  • 4. Cut 12 small poinsettias from Electric Red cardstock.
  • 5. Cut two of second largest Star STAX from Smooth White cardstock.
  • Tree Assembly
  • 1. Cut each Loopy Bloom die-cut in half lengthwise.

    Loopy Blooms Cut in Half
  • 2. Using thin paintbrush or paper piercer, curl bottom edge of Loopy Blooms upward.
  • 3. Hot glue length of Jellybean Green ribbon along bottom edge of papier-mâché cone.

    Ribbon Around Cone Base
  • 4. Apply bead of hot glue above ribbon and begin to adhere curled Loopy Bloom halves. Adhere Loopy Blooms row by row. Do not overlap Loopy Blooms within each row. Trim die cuts as needed using scissors. Adhere each successive row of Loopy Blooms directly above previous row. Continue in this manner to within 1/2" of cone top.

    Adhering Loopy Blooms to Tree
  • 5. Push pin through top of cone and hot glue small piece of Jellybean Green ribbon around cone top.

    Pin on Tree Top
  • Ornament Assembly
  • 1. Stamp and embellish ornaments as desired using Christmas Ornaments Stamp Set, clear rhinestones, and MIX-ables Glitter Glaze. Adhere ornament topper to each ornament and tie small hemp bow to each topper.

    Finished Ornaments
  • 2. Stamp sentiments on mini tags and adhere rhinestone to each tag.
  • 3. Adhere rhinestone to center of each small poinsettia.
  • Tree Topper Assembly
  • 1. Score each Star STAX die-cut from each point straight across star.
  • 2. Fold stars on score lines to form three-dimensional star.

    Scored Stars
  • 3. Spray stars with MIX-ables Sheer Shimmer Mist; let dry.
  • 4. Stack several foam squares together and adhere to center back of one star.
  • 5. Push pin through center of stack of foam squares as shown.

    Back of Star
  • 6. Remove liner from top foam square and apply small amount of liquid adhesive to back points of other star.
  • 7. Line these two stars up and adhere together. Apply small amount of pressure to points until glue dries.
  • Decorating The Tree
  • 1. Adhere ornaments, tags, and poinsettias to tree as desired using hot glue gun.
  • 2. Gently insert star assembly into top of tree.

    Finished Tree
  • Tips
  • 1. Make different size trees for a stunning Christmas display.
  • 2. Try making a tree using felt Loopy Bloom die-cuts.