Four-Season Magnet Board: Fall

By  Judi Kauffman  for  MAGPANELS

MAGPANELS are so versatile! Make a different paper collage and matching magnets for each season and have four times the fun.

  • Four-Season Magnet Board: Fall
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  • MAGPANELS Medium Horizontal Magpanel
  • MAGPANELS Magnets
  • Rust cardstock, 12”x12”
  • Papers, 12”x12”: BoBunny Press Autumn Song Collection Autumn Song, two sheets, and Autumn Song Harvest, one sheet; Graphic 45 Typography Collection Imagine
  • BoBunny Press Autumn Song Collection Embellishments: Layered Chipboard, Jewels
  • BoBunny Press Wildberry Pansy Blossoms
  • Assorted fibers: ribbon, jute twine, etc.


  • Adhesives: double-sided tape, 1/4"; Tombow Power Tabs; low-tack temporary tape

Basic Supplies

  • paper trimmer, scissors, craft knife and cutting mat, ruler, pencil, small paintbrush, talcum powder
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 9-3/16"x12-3/16".
  • Magnet Board
  • 1. Referring to photo for placement, cut two sheets of large leaf Autumn Song paper diagonally and adhere together using double-sided tape. (Note: Tape should be on front of paper.) Cut 3/8"x12" strip from left edge of dot-pattern Harvest paper. Place paper strip on tape over seam; trim edges. Adhere cardstock to back of collage for durability. Position magnet panel over collage; use craft knife and cutting mat to cut around magnet panel.
  • 2. Use small paintbrush to lightly dust back of chipboard embellishments with talcum powder to deactivate adhesive. (Note: If powder is not available, back shapes with cardstock scraps to cover adhesive.) Using Power Tabs, adhere magnets to back of two or more paper flowers and three or more layered chipboard embellishments.
  • 3. Position collage on front of magnet board, using magnets to hold it in position, or adhere at corners only with small pieces of low-tack, removable tape. Adhere jewels to collage front as desired.
  • 4. Carefully cut holes in top edge of collage for fibers; holes should align with holes in Magpanel. Knot fibers together every few inches as shown in photo. Insert fibers through holes to hang board and tie into loose knot at back. (Note: Tying knot loosely will make it easier to untie when it's time to change collage.)
  • 5. Use magnets to hold art, tickets, notes, and more.
  • Tip
  • 1. Create a different rounded-corner collage and coordinating magnets for the other three seasons or for any special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations).