Wedding Keepsake Box

for  Craft Marketing Conn

size: 15"x19"

  • Wedding Keepsake Box


  • Elmer's Foam Board: two 20"x30"x1/2" White sheets
  • The Paper Company/TCP Studio Wedding Silhouette Collection: 12"x12" scrapbook papers: three Framed Silhouette, three Cameo, two Tapestry Stripe, three 25th Anniversary, three Something Borrowed
  • Gold print ribbon, 1/2"-wide, 3-1/4 yd.
  • Wedding memorabilia: photos, candles, flowers, invitation, program


  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Elmer's CraftBond Extra Strength Glue Stick
  • Large cutting mat
  • Elmer's X-ACTO items: #1 knife with extra blades, 12" metal ruler, 6" precision-tip scissors

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, paper clips, T-pins
  • 1. Use pencil and ruler to draw cutting lines and mark pieces on foam board: 15"x19" (back); two 6"x15" (top and bottom); two 6"x20" (side walls); 5-1/2"x7-3/4" and 5-1/2"x10-3/4" and 5-1/2"x15" (dividers). Use craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut foam board pieces. (Note: Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Replace blades often.)
  • 2. Use T-pins to temporarily assemble box. Adjust fit. Lightly mark all five surfaces in each compartment as to which paper will be used to cover. Draw line on all foam board pieces where two different papers meet.
  • 3. Measure papers for each compartment. Use craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut paper. Adjust fit. Remove T-pins and use glue stick to glue papers on foam board pieces. For outside of box, measure, cut and glue Something Borrowed paper on foam board piece.
  • 4. Position back piece flat on work surface in vertical position. Apply hot glue on edge of one short side of back piece; press one top against back edge, aligning carefully. Repeat with bottom. To attach side, apply glue on foam edge of long side of back, top, and bottom and quickly attach side, overlapping edges. Repeat with other side. Glue back edge of divider. Attach back edge of vertical dividers in place, according to paper seams.
  • 5. Use glue stick to attach ribbon over all cut edges of foam board on front and sides. Trim as needed.
  • 6. Display box on table or hang on wall. For hanger, measure 3" from top and 4" from each side. Use craft knife to make 1/4"-long shallow slits on each measurement. Insert rounded end of paper clip into each slit, creating hanger loops with longer end. Arrange memorabilia in box to display.