Recycled Chip Bag Totes

By  Linda Valentino 

size: varies

  • Recycled Chip Bag Totes


  • Recycled chip bags


  • Duct Brand Duct Tape, in colors of choice

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, black marker, paper towels

Pattern - Recycled Chip Bag Totes

  • 1. For single chip bag tote, cut chip bag open on seams, creating flat rectangle with inside facing up. Use paper towels to wipe off rectangle, removing crumbs or oils.
  • 2. Cut front panels by cutting down sides, cutting top and bottom edges evenly. (Note: Two panels of same-size are needed for each tote.) Use side panels for handles.
  • 3. Tear or cut duct tape strips. Press strips on open panels, slightly overlapping edges. Cover top and bottom edges of panels. Position bottom of panels together; add tape along overlapping edge.
  • 4. For handles, fold side panels into 2"-wide strips. Fold strips into thirds; tape together. Tape handles onto top of both panels.
  • 5. For larger tote, join four snack-size chip bags together, using one side and four panels (for back). Follow steps as before, creating larger-size tote.