Family Chore Board

By  Melony Bradley  for  Jacquard Products

size: 5-1/2"x24"

  • Family Chore Board


  • Wooden board, 1/2”x6”x24”
  • Wooden items: 1/4”x1”x24” strip (cut into 2-3/4” lengths), 1” drawer pulls, 12”-long ornamental molding, 3” oval
  • Recycled chipboard, scraps
  • Black/white photos of choice
  • Flat-backed crystal, 10mm
  • Silver metal eyelets
  • Brown ribbon, 1 yd.


  • Jacquard Products: Lumiere Paints: Metallic Bronze, Crimson, True Gold; Pearl Ex Pigment Powder: Silver
  • Ellison Sizzix BigShot Die Cutting Machine and Sizzix Texturz Texture Plates: Kit # 6
  • Scallop decorative-edge scissors
  • Alphabet rubber stamps, 1/2”: serif font, sans serif font
  • Black inkpad
  • Sawtooth hanger (or hanger of choice)
  • Drill and drill bit
  • DecoArt Duraclear Varnish
  • Aleene’s: Original Tacky Glue, Liquid Fusion

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, measuring tape or ruler, pencil, sanding block and tack cloth, paintbrush, newspaper
  • 1. Sand wooden board and wipe with tack cloth. On covered work surface, paint board and wooden oval Metallic Bronze. Paint wooden molding Crimson. Paint wooden drawer pulls (one for each family member) Crimson. Paint 2-3/4" wooden lengths (for chore jobs) True Gold. Let dry.
  • 2. For photo frames, measure and cut 4-1/2"x3-1/2" rectangles on non-printed side of recycled chipboard. (Designer used recycled cereal box). Cut out desired rectangles (for each family member). Trace 2-1/2"x3-1/4" rectangle in center with pencil. Use scissors to cut out center rectangle, creating frame. Trim edges of frame with scallop decorative-edge scissors.
  • 3. Use embossing plate and die-cut machine to create embossing design on frames. Paint frames Crimson. Dilute Silver powder with varnish to 1:1 ratio. Use mixture to dry brush frames, molding, and drawer pulls.
  • 4. Drill holes in top of chore job lengths. Use Liquid Fusion to glue eyelets on drilled holes. Stamp names of desired chores on chore job lengths with sans serif font stamps and black ink.
  • 5. Stamp "family chores" on painted wooden oval with serif font and black ink. Use Liquid Fusion to glue flat-backed crystal onto oval. Use Tacky Glue to glue painted molding onto center of top of board. Use Tacky Glue to glue wooden oval onto center of molding.
  • 6. Cut black/white photos to fit frames. Use Tacky Glue to glue photos onto back of frames and photo frames onto board. Use Tacky Glue to glue drawer pulls onto board at bottom of frames.
  • 7. Measure and cut ribbon into 8" lengths. Loop lengths into drilled holes using lark's head knot. Tie ends in knot. Hang chore job lengths on knobs. Attach hanger of choice on back of board.