Fall Leaves Tablescape

for  Craft Marketing Conn

size: 12"x13"

  • Fall Leaves Tablescape


  • Elmer’s Black on Black Foam Board, 1/2“x20”x30”
  • The Paper Company/TPC Studio Rustic Garden Collection Papers: Leaf Dot, Falling Leaves, Sunflower Dot, Sunflower Toss, Apple Picking, Multi Mini Dot, Scallop Die Cut
  • The Paper Company/TPC Studio Rustic Garden Collection Embellishments: two 12”x12” Pumpkin Die Cuts, Fabric Buttons


  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Tools: Gripster Knife and New Blade, 6” Precision-Tip Scissors, 12”x12” Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 12” Metal Ruler
  • Elmer’s Painters Brown Fine-Tip Paint Marker
  • Design Master Pecan Home Décor Spray Stain
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Adhesives: All-Purpose Glue Stick, Thin Medium Glue Spots

Basic Supplies

  • stylus, pencil, newspapers

Pattern - Fall Leaves Tablescape

  • 1. Punch out die cuts and adhere one to foam board with glue stick.
  • 2. Place foam board on cutting mat and cut out with knife, scoring lightly first, then pressing more firmly to cut deeper. Glue second die cut, dotted side up, to back of shape.
  • 3. Cut 4"x8" foam base and cover top with Falling Leaves paper. Glue bottom of pumpkin to base; let dry.
  • 4. Print out patterns. Transfer patterns and cut 20 leaves from various papers.
  • 5. Working on cutting mat, use stylus to "draw" veins on leaves. Gently fold leaves along lines to add dimension.
  • 6. Arrange leaves along base of pumpkin, allowing some to overlap and extend onto pumpkin. Adhere leaves at contact points with glue spots, leaving ends loose. Adhere buttons among leaves with glue spots.
  • 7. Lightly mist centerpiece with spray stain, applying additional coats along edges to shade. Let dry completely.
  • 8. Cut 1/2"x2" foam base for each place card. Cut, wrap, and glue a 2-1/2"x3" paper strip around base, overlapping ends. Make leaf and fold in half lengthwise. Write name with paint marker; let dry. Attach leaf with glue spots. Spray with stain.
  • Tip
  • 1. For coordinating door décor, glue paper leaves into a simple grapevine wreath.