Bamboo Frame

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 8"x19"

  • Bamboo Frame


  • Elmer’s White Foam Board, one 3/16”x20”x30” sheet
  • The Paper Company/TPC Studio Island Lagoon Collection: Starfish, Flip Flops, and Palm Trees paper; Metal Accents; Tags and Phrases
  • Bamboo (river cane), 80” length
  • Green variegated ribbon, 3/8”-wide, 2/3 yd.
  • Natural twine, 5 yds.
  • Photos, 4”x6” vertical, three


  • Elmer’s X-ACTO tools: Gripster Knife (with extra blades), 12” Rotary Paper Trimmer, Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 6” Precision-Tip Scissors, 12” Metal Ruler
  • Elmer’s CraftBond adhesives: Extra-Strength Glue Stick, Thin Medium Glue Spots

Basic Supplies

  • glue gun and glue sticks, small hand saw, wooden craft stick
  • 1. Saw bamboo into six 5-1/4" and six 8" lengths. Place short lengths at top and bottom, inside longer lengths, for each frame; secure with glue spots.
  • 2. Cut twelve 12" twine lengths. Beginning at one corner, hot glue end of one twine length to back of bamboo and wind it around one bamboo piece, then around the adjacent piece, going back and forth. Hot glue twine end to back of bamboo. Wrap all corners in same way.
  • 3. Cut four 8" twine lengths to tightly tie frames together in a row. Fray twine ends.
  • 4. Use knife, ruler, and mat to cut three 6"x8" foam board panels; score first, then press more firmly to make clean cuts. Cover each panel with a different paper.
  • 5. Hot glue corners of bamboo frames to panels; bamboo will not rest flush.
  • 6. Glue photos to foam board scraps; trim flush. Center and glue photos into frames.
  • 7. Plan tag arrangement and apply rub-ons to tags. Cut and tie 6" ribbon lengths through tags, adding metal accents as shown. Hot glue tags to frames.