Recycled Chip Bag Purses & Pencil Cases

By  Linda Valentino 

  • Recycled Chip Bag Purses & Pencil Cases


  • Recycled snack chip bags, in various sizes
  • Duck Brand Duct Tape: Silver, Green, Blue
  • Adhesive-back Velcro strips

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, black marker
  • 1. For each purse or pencil case, cut chip bag on seams, creating open rectangle. Use paper towels to wipe out inside of chip bags, removing oil and crumbs.
  • 2. For pencil cases, measure and cut 10"x13" rectangle from center of chip bag. Rip six 11" lengths of duct tape. Position chip bag with inside facing up. Press duct tape strips across bag, slightly overlapping edges. Cut (or rip) edges even.
  • 3. For purse, create purse shape like pencil case shape. For strap, rip 20" duct tape length. Rip 20" length into two 2"-wide lengths. Press lengths together and ends on top of purse. Reinforce with small pieces of duct tape.
  • 4. For flaps, fold top edge of rectangle over to center. Rip 11" length of duct tape down center, forming two 1"-wide lengths. Press duct tape strips on folded edge of flap. Cut edges even.
  • 5. To hold sides together, rip two duct-tape lengths same-size as sides of purse or case. Press lengths on sides; creasing slightly. Cut edges even.
  • 6. To hold flap down, adhere Velcro pieces on inside of flap and center of purse or case. Press together to close.
  • Tips
  • 1. Ripping duct tape is much easier than cutting with scissors!
  • 2. Using basic instructions, create a variety of cases or purses using chip bags! Keep folding patterns similar to a business-size envelope by creasing sides towards center. Then, reinforce with duct tape for added stability!