Flamenco Fan & Hair Comb

By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 4-1/2"x9"; 4"x7"

  • Flamenco Fan & Hair Comb


  • Paper plates, two
  • Paper doily, 9"
  • Plastic hair pick
  • Wooden items: five 3"-long craft sticks, 2" circle
  • Black rickrack
  • Gold button
  • Rhinestones, 10


  • Jacquard Lumiere Paints: Bright Gold, Crimson
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, paintbrush or sponge scrap, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. For fan, cut paper plate in half. On covered work surface, paint back of plate Bright Gold. Let dry. Paint front of plate and edges of paper doily Crimson. Let dry. Cut red lace edges from doily.
  • 2. Glue red doily lace onto gold plate. Let dry. Glue rickrack length over edge of designs.
  • 3. For fan handle, measure and cut five 3" craft stick lengths. Paint craft stick lengths and wooden circle black. Let dry. Glue craft stick lengths and circle on edge of plate. Glue button and rhinestones on handle.
  • 4. For hair comb, measure and cut 4"x7" rectangle from paper plate. Paint rectangle Bright Gold. Let dry.
  • 5. Glue red doily lace onto gold rectangle. Glue hair pick onto back of rectangle. Let dry.
  • 6. Glue black rickrack along top and bottom of hair pick. Glue rhinestones along rickrack. Let dry.