Extra Special Candy Bar Wraps

By  Melony Bradley  for  Glue Dots International

  • Extra Special Candy Bar Wraps


  • Candy bar
  • Construction paper: orange, brown, white, light blue
  • Pattern-print paper, scraps
  • Ribbon: 8" length red/orange polka dot, 5" length black
  • Embellishments: wiggle eyes, hemp twine, buttons
  • Aluminum foil, scrap
  • Recycled cardboard, scrap


  • Glue Dots International: Pop Up Glue Dots, Mini Glue Dots, Continuous Glue Lines

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, marker

Pattern - Extra Special Candy Bar Wraps

  • 1. Use ruler to measure length and width of candy bar. Cut rectangle, same-size as measurements, from construction paper in color of choice. Use Continuous Glue Lines to glue rectangle around candy bar.
  • 2. Print out patterns.
  • 3. For "4 a good claws" design, use Pop Up Glue Dots to glue cat's paws and ears on candy bar. For whiskers, measure and cut six 1/2" hemp lengths. Use Pop Up Glue Dots to glue whiskers and button (nose) on candy bar. Use Mini Glue Dots to glue wiggle eyes above nose.
  • 4. For "Thanks for your support" design, measure and cut blue construction paper rectangle (for pants). Use Continuous Glue Lines to glue pants around bottom of candy bar. For suspenders, measure and cut two 4" orange/red polka dot ribbon lengths. For buckles, cut two 1" and one 2" squares from aluminum foil. Cut of center of squares. For belt, cut 5" black ribbon length. Use Continuous Glue Lines to glue suspenders on shirt (with buckles through opening) and belt at top of pants.
  • 5. Use black marker to write "4 a good claws" or "Thanks for your support" on candy bars.
  • Tip
  • 1. Have kids decorate bars for a special school event or to give a top buyer! Other fun designs: "YOU ROCK!" with a guitar shape or "You are a Star!" with a star symbol!