Double Decker Bus

By  Melony Bradley 

size: 8"x9"

  • Double Decker Bus


  • Recycled cardboard boxes: 6"x8", 3"x6"
  • Recycled jar lids, four
  • Cardstock: red, black, white
  • Acetate sheets, six 2" squares
  • Glue Dots: Vellum Dots, Pop Up Dots
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue


  • White paint pen or marker

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Pattern - Double Decker Bus

  • 1. For bottom of bus shape, measure and mark 3" square in corner top of 6"x8" box. Cut out shape (for front of bus).
  • 2. Measure and cut red cardstock rectangles to cover bottom of bus and 3"x6" box (top of bus). Glue cardstock rectangles on all sides of boxes. Glue white cardstock rectangles to inside of boxes (if boxes are not already white). Let dry.
  • 3. Measure and cut out three 1-1/2" squares (windows) on top of bus and two 1-1/2" squares (windows) and one 1-3/4" square (driver's window) on bottom of bus. For window frames, measure and cut 2" black cardstock squares. Glue window frames on window openings. Cut out center 1-3/4" square from window frames.
  • 4. Print out pattern. Cut passenger and driver silhouette from black cardstock. For windows, measure and cut six 2" squares from acetate sheet. Use Vellum Dots to glue silhouettes on window squares. Glue windows inside bus with silhouettes showing through openings.
  • 5. Measure and cut 1"x5" black cardstock strip. Use white paint pen or marker to write "London Transport" on center of strip. Glue strip on side of bus.
  • 6. For wheels, measure and cut four 3" black cardstock circles (or trace recycled jar lids on black cardstock). Glue circles on jar lids. Use white paint pen or marker to outline wheel edges. Stack  Pop Up Glue Dots together; glue wheels on sides of bus.
  • 7. Glue top of bus on bottom of bus. Let dry.