Dinosaur Hamper

Encourage your kids to put away their dirty laundry with this fun hamper decorated with colorful dinosaurs! Customize the colors and patterns to fit your child's bedroom theme.
By  Gloria Uhler for Testors Corp.  



  • Koala Baby Folding Hamper 
  • Cardstock


  • Testors Aztek Airbrush System and Airbrushable Acrylic Paints: Red #9446, Yellow #9442, Blue #9449
  • Testors Aztek: Airbrushable Matte White Acrylic Paint #292430; Paint Cups
  • Small paintbrush
  • Needle and thread
  • Scotch Spray Mount Adhesive

basic supplies

  • Craft knife
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scrap cardboard

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Project Instructions

*tip: Protect your work surface and all areas not being painted. Always allow paint to dry completely before moving to the next step.

1. Find dinosaur images online. Arrange four small dinosaurs measuring 2½” wide each across an 11” page. Space them equally horizontally and print on cardstock. Enlarge one dinosaur shape to 9”-10” tall for front panel of hamper and print image on cardstock. Carefully cut out dinosaur images with craft knife to create stencils.

2. Draw a triangle measuring 2” wide by 1½” tall. Create a 13” wide cardstock stencil by piecing together a regular sheet and a 2” strip. Trace six evenly spaced triangles across the 13” page. Cut out triangle shapes. Repeat to create another stencil. 

3. Spray backs of dinosaur and triangle stencils with spray adhesive.

4. Unhook mesh liner from hamper and remove outer fabric bag from wood frame. Place hamper flap on a protected work surface and cut off button. Airbrush button blue and set aside to dry.


5. Adhere lower triangle stencil 1¼” from flap edge with points facing down. Adhere upper triangle stencil 3½” above lower triangle with points facing up. Cover open section between triangle stencils with scrap paper to protect it from overspray. Airbrush triangles red. If you only have one triangle stencil, airbrush the upper and lower areas separately by rotating the stencil.

6. Center dinosaur stencil between the two rows of red triangles as shown. Mask all but the third dinosaur and airbrush red. Mask all but the two end dinosaurs and airbrush yellow. Move masking and airbrush last dinosaur blue.

7. Use a black permanent marker to outline dinosaurs and add eyes.

8. Place protective scrap cardboard inside front panel. Center big dinosaur stencil and adhere in place. Align big paper dinosaur cutout back onto stencil to mask everything but the spikes as shown. Airbrush spikes red and remove dinosaur mask.

9. Mask red spikes so only the dinosaur shape is exposed. Airbrush dinosaur blue.

10. Paint eyes on the dinosaur white with small paintbrush. Use a black marker for eye details.

11. Sew button from Step 4 onto center bottom of flap with blue thread.