Industrial Chic Centerpieces

Decorate your next party or wedding with these timeworn colored centerpieces! Armed with this simple technique and Design Master color sprays, vintage décor is just a few easy steps away!
By  Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas for Design Master 



  • Unfinished wood boxes: 5”x5", 4”x4”  
  • Plastic liner to fit boxes 
  • Fresh floral foam 
  • Assorted fresh flowers and greenery


  • Design Master übermatte Spray, Crema and Mist
  • Design Mater TintIT. Spray, Sepia  


  • Wax candle scraps 
  • Putty knife or scraper 
  • Sharp knife or garden shears 

1. Spray unfinished wood with Sepia. The color will deepen with each additional coat. Apply as many coats to achieve desired depth of color.

2.  Rub candle wax randomly over areas of box to produce various effects. Light applications create streaks of weathering and thicker applications yield larger markings.

3.  Apply two coats of übermatte and let dry.

4. The waxed areas will appear shinier after applying übermatte. Scrape off wax from Step 2 using a putty knife or scraper to reveal the distressed, industrial look. 

5. Thoroughly soak floral foam in fresh water; then cut to fit plastic liner. Insert foam-filled liner inside the box and arrange fresh flowers and greenery.