Uncle Sam Centerpiece

By  Linda Valentino  



Clay pot, 5”
Clay saucers, 3”, 5”
Paper mache cylinder box, 4”
White craft foam
White foam star stickers, 1¼”, three
Red grosgrain ribbon, ¾” wide
Blue glitter ribbon, 1½” wide
Red, white, blue striped ribbon, ½” wide
Wooden ball, ¾”


Stencil brush
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Blue Violet, Calico Red, Flesh Tone, Lamp Black, Snow White
API Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Glue


Paper towels

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Uncle Sam Centerpiece Pattern

1. Print full-size patterns. Cut mustache and eyebrows from white craft foam.

2. Trace face pattern onto top portion of upside down clay pot as shown and paint Flesh Tone. Paint remainder of clay pot Snow White. Paint wooden ball Flesh Tone. Paint paper mache box, 3” saucer bottom and sides Snow White. Paint 5” saucer bottom and sides Blue Violet.

3. Dip stiff stencil brush into Calico Red and offload onto paper towel until almost dry. Rub onto cheeks and tip of nose using a circular motion. Adhere nose to face as shown. Dip end of paintbrush into Lamp Black and dot two eyes; let dry. Adhere eyebrows and mustache to face and white saucer to top of head.

4. Cut nine 4” pieces from red ribbon and adhere evenly around box as shown. Adhere blue glitter ribbon around base and three foam star stickers to blue ribbon. Adhere painted cylinder box to blue saucer bottom and adhere to Uncle Sam’s head as shown. Adhere striped ribbon around base of pot; adhere bow.