Tinted Beach Jars

These painted mason jars are an easy and colorful way to display shells, vacation keepsakes, and other beach day treasures all year round.
By  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.  

size varies


Mason jars with wide-mouth lid, three

Jute, natural color, 5½ yds. 

Assorted seashells and starfish, 1”-3”, 20 

FloraCraft Design It: SimpleStyle White Sand with Glitter

FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Block, 1”x2”x2”, three  


Design Master TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dyes: Sapphire, Jade, Chartreuse 

Adhesive shelf liner, 1 ft. 

Circle template, 3½” 

Glue gun


Old newspapers 

Large cardboard box (for spraying) 



Serrated Knife

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1. Trace 3½” circle on shelf liner and cut with scissors. 

beach mason jar step 1

2. Clean and dry inside and outside of jar. Remove backing from cut shelf liner and adhere onto upside down jar, 1¼” from top. Firmly press all around edges. In a well-ventilated and newspaper-covered area, lightly spray all sides of jar. Let dry.  

spray paint mason jar

3. Peel off shelf liner sticker by pulling from top down to reveal clear circle on jar. Discard circle sticker. 

painted beach mason jar

4. Cut 1”x2”x2” piece of foam using serrated knife. Adhere flat onto inside of lid with glue gun. (This will prevent shells from sinking down into sand.)

5. Turn jar upright and make sure inside is dry. Add sand until it’s 1½” deep. Gently insert one large shell or starfish, two-three medium and three small shells into jar. Put lid onto jar and tighten securely. Carefully and slowly turn over jar, allowing sand and shells to move to the bottom of the overturned jar. Look through clear circle and gently move jar to shift sand and shells into desired position. 

beach decor painted mason jar

6. Adhere twine in a single layer around edge of lid. Fold 8” length of jute in half and tie an overhand knot 1” in from fold. Untwist ends to fray. Adhere knot to jute on lid edge as shown. Repeat for other jars using other colors of TintIT. 



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