Patriotic Lighthouse Breadboard


Smooth Cut Wood Products Board BD-96 or breadboard,  17”x73/8” 

Rusty wire and rusty ¾” stars (optional)



Loew Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series 7550 1” wash; Series 7330C #10, #18 Curved Flat; Series 7350 10/0 Liner; Series 700C #2, #4 Round; Series 247 3/8” Crescent; Series 270 Maxine’s Mop ½”

Decoart Americana Acrylic Paints: Avocado, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Blue Mist, Charcoal, Deep Midnight Blue, Lamp Black, Moon Yellow, Neutral Gray, Paynes Gray, Plantation Pine, Sand, Tomato Red, Uniform Blue, Warm White

Decoart: Americana Spray Sealer, Duraclear Matte Varnish

Odorless turpentine

Burnt umber oil paint 



Palette paper 

Paper towels

Container of water 

Tracing paper 

Black graphite paper 


Old toothbrush 

Soft cotton cloth or old t-shirt

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Patriotic Lighthouse Breadboard Pattern

Unless otherwise specified, use the best brush to fit the area you are painting. For shading and highlighting use curved flats. Use best size brush that would fit the area you are shading or highlighting. You may prefer to use angular shaders instead of curved flats.

1. Sand, seal and sand both sides of breadboard. Drill hole into breadboard handle for hanging. Basecoat sides and back Deep Midnight Blue with 1” wash; let dry.

2. Print full-size patterns. Use tracing paper, graphite paper and pencil to transfer flag lines, water, sky area and sand onto board.  Paint white stripes Warm White and red stripes Tomato Red. Paint sky Blue Mist, sandy shore Sand and water Uniform Blue. Shade on either side of flag and along sides of board Paynes Gray.

3. Shade top and sides of sky Deep Midnight Blue. Lightly float Warm White at horizon where water meets sky. Soften floats with mop brush. The sky should gradually transition from dark to light as shown. Shade water Deep Midnight Blue at top where it meets the sky. 

4. Shade sand Burnt Umber. Mask off everything but sand with paper towels. Fly speck sand Burnt Umber with an old toothbrush. Let dry.

5. Go back and transfer lighthouse, sun, rocks and fence onto board. Basecoat lighthouse and house Warm White. Paint band at top and roof of lighthouse, house roof, door and windows Lamp Black. Paint chimney and lighthouse stripes Tomato Red. Base lighthouse light and sun Moon Yellow.

6. Base rocks Neutral Gray and fence Burnt Umber. Shade left side of lighthouse with strong float of Paynes Gray. Shade right side with light watered down float of Paynes Gray; let dry. Float Burnt Sienna on right side of lighthouse to reflect sunlight. 

7. Highlight lighthouse tower with dry brush of Warm White just right of center, starting beneath window and extending all the way to bottom. Strengthen highlight with thin line of thinned Warm White using 10/0 liner. Highlight tower roof in same way, making sure it aligns with tower highlight. 

8. Shade right side of light with side load of Burnt Sienna. Paint window dividers on light and railing that goes around it thinned Lamp Black using 10/0 liner. Add tiny, light Neutral Gray highlight lines onto railing. 

9. Shade house Paynes Gray under roof, where it touches the lighthouse and left side of house. Shade left side of chimney with tiny side load of Paynes Gray.

10. Highlight house roof by dry brushing Warm White along top and side of roof. Paint trim around windows and door thinned Warm White using 10/0 liner.

11. Shade bottom edge of sun Burnt Sienna.  Paint glow around sun Moon Yellow with larger Crescent brush. Keep color strong next to sun and allow it to gradually fade.

12. Shade rocks Charcoal Grey and deepen shading in corners with Paynes Grey. Highlight rock tops with side load of Warm White. Paint wire connecting fence boards with thinned Lamp Black and 10/0 liner. Shade underneath fence Burnt Umber. Paint grass around rocks and fence thinned Plantation Pine and Avocado Green using 10/0 liner. 

13. Paint stars Warm White onto top handle portion of flag or use star stencil. Place stars randomly as shown. 

14. To antique painting, allow paint to thoroughly dry, then mist surface with Americana All Purpose spray sealer. This will provide a barrier between the antiquing and the painting. Squeeze small amount of Burnt Umber oil paint onto palette. Wet cotton cloth with small amount of odorless turpentine and rub it into Burnt Umber oil paint. Wipe oil paint all over painted surface. Use clean cotton cloth to wipe off excess, allowing Burnt Umber to stay darker around edges. Allow antiquing to dry thoroughly. Varnish board with several coats of Duraclear Matte Varnish. 

15. If you prefer not to antique your piece, shade Burnt Umber around bottom edge near sand and rocks. Let dry. Varnish with Duraclear Matte Varnish.

16. Wrap rusty wire around handle and adhere rusty stars. Curl ends of wire around brush handle or pencil.