Faux Mosaic Decorative Box

By  Donna Barthel-Jones  for  DBJ Creative Designs



Decorative wooden box


Handmade Charlotte Adhesive Bohemian Stencil*
Gold Taklon Paint Brushes*: ¾” flat, liner #1, #2 flat and ¼” angle
FolkArt Gesso Surface Prep*
FolkArt Texture Snow White Paint*
FolkArt Paint*: Snow White, Medium Gray, Turner’s Yellow, Crushed Coral, Blue Ribbon
Mod Podge Super Gloss*
Small screwdriver

*Manufactured by Plaid


Container of water
Palette paper
Palette knife
Paper towels

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1. Remove hinges from wood box using small screwdriver. Basecoat box with Gesso using ¾” flat; let dry. Paint wash of Blue Ribbon to sides and bottom of box; let dry. Apply an additional wash of Blue Ribbon to sides of box to achieve deeper color.

2. Adhere large flower stencil to top portion of box. (Refer to photo for stencil placement.) Apply thin layer of Snow White texture paint to stencil using palette knife. Let set for two minutes and slowly remove stencil. Clean stencil with water and dry with paper towels. Use same technique to complete design onto box with large flower stencil and four-petal flower stencil as shown. Let dry for 24 hours.

3. Basecoat box top Snow White and let dry. Refer to image for color placement. Paint flower border design, scrolls and flower centers Blue Ribbon with #2 flat. Paint outer daisy flower petals, large flower design’s inner petals and scallops Turner’s Yellow with #2 flat as shown. Paint the remaining four-petal flowers and remaining petals of large center flower Crushed Coral with #2 flat. Apply second coat if needed. Let dry.

4. Sideload ¼” angle with Medium Gray and shade around each raised area of design as shown. Load liner with thinned Medium Gray to outline each raised area to deepen shadow.

5. Dot centers of Crushed Coral four-petal flowers with stylus dipped in Blue Ribbon. Dot centers of Blue Ribbon four-petal flowers with Crushed Coral. Load liner with thinned Crushed Coral and add lines to center of yellow daisy flowers as shown. Let dry completely.

6. Apply Super Gloss to box tops and sides with ¾” flat and let dry. Re-attach hinges to box.