Bright Seashell Frame

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Fun Foam Block, 13/16”x65/8”x117/8”
Seashells, ½”-1”, 40-50


DecoArt Americana Paint: Carousel Pink, Primary Blue, Coral Blush, Banana Cream, Bahama Blue, Sour Apple
Paintbrushes: large, medium
Tacky glue 


Old newspapers 
Serrated knife 
Cutting mat
Fine line black marker 
Painter’s tape
Scratch paper
Paper plates
Paper towels
Container for water

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1. Use ruler and black marker to measure, mark and draw lines to create a 65/8”x8¾” rectangle on foam block, leaving a 31/8”x65/8” base. Use serrated knife on cutting mat to cut foam along lines. Keep blade perpendicular to foam so edges don’t angle in or out.

2. Cover work area with newspapers. Wash seashells and set on paper towels to dry.

3. Squeeze Banana Cream paint onto paper plate and use large brush to paint top and sides of both pieces of foam. Let dry and paint other sides.

4. Divide shells into groups of small, medium and large. Evenly divide each group onto five paper plates. Squeeze different colors onto each of the plates. Paint top and rounded sides of shell using medium paintbrush, cleaning brush before changing colors. Set painted shells back on paper plate to dry.

5. Set large foam piece flat down on work surface with 4”x6” scratch paper centered. Use loops of tape with sticky side out to secure paper in place. Use ruler to check that paper is exactly centered to show area that will be covered by photo so shells can be placed along border. To place shells, work with one color plate at a time. Start with largest shells of one color and place evenly along border at various angles. Evenly distribute medium and then small shells. Repeat with other colors. Move shells as needed for them to fit, leaving approximately 1/8”-¼” between shells.

6. When satisfied with shell placement, carefully press each shell into foam. Start at top and move across border. Edges of shells will sink down 1/8” into foam, creating a groove. Continue until all but five shells have been embedded. Remove scratch paper and replace with photo using tape loops to adhere.

7. To assemble, set frame upright onto middle of base so that base extends evenly beyond both front and back of frame. Insert four toothpicks along underside of frame to hold it in place. Apply adhesive all around toothpicks and across bottom. Press into base to secure frame in place.

8. Randomly place remaining shells on base and press into place.


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