Aloha Slate Plaque

Add texture and style with a touch whimsy to your home decor with this Aloha slate plaque.
By  Julie McGuffee  for  Etchall



Slate, 5”x7”


etchall: Etching Crème, Etchmask Vinyl, transfer paper 


Detail pick tool  

Swivel blade craft knife or digital cutting machine

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Aloha Slate Pattern

1.  Print full-size patterns and use transfer paper to transfer pattern onto Etchmask. 

2. Cut pattern from Etchmask using digital cutting machine or cut around design with swivel blade craft knife. Cut vinyl only (not the backing paper).

3. Remove and expose areas of design that will be etched with detail pick tool. Insert tip of tool into vinyl away from cut edge and lift gently.  

slate plaque decor step 3

4. Cover Etchmask top with transfer paper and press firmly onto Etchmask. Carefully peel backing sheet from Etchmask.

slate plaque decor step 4

5. With transfer paper facing up, press Etchmask firmly onto slate and remove transfer paper. Make sure all areas of slate not to be etched are completely covered. Use pieces of transfer paper on edges or corners as needed. 

slate plaque decor step 5

6. Cover open areas liberally with Etching Crème. Use squeegee to spread crème across open areas. After 10 minutes, use squeegee to move crème around, being careful not to touch slate surface. 

slate plaque decor step 6

7. After an additional 5 minutes, scrape crème back into container. Rinse slate and remove Etchmask to reveal etched design.



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