Etched Floral Plates

By  Gigi Wright-Shatler 

size: 8" diameter

  • Etched Floral Plates
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  • Glass plates, 8”, four


  • etchall Dip ‘n Etch
  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon: Series 7500 #6 Filbert, Series 7450 #10 Flat Chisel Blender, Series 7000 #3 Round, Jackie Shaw #1 Liner, double-ended stylus
  • DecoArt Americana Glossy Enamels: Indian Turquoise, Purple Cow, Baby Pink, True Red, Royal Fuchsia, Primary Yellow, Desert Turquoise, Lavender, Napa Red, Coral Blush, Hauser Medium Green, Foliage Green, Citron Green

Basic Supplies

  • mechanical pencil or white chalk pencil, paper towels, cloth, scissors, latex gloves, wet palette, round shallow plastic container, water bucket, plastic cover, oven

Pattern - Etched Floral Plates

  • 1. Protect work surface with plastic cover. Use a shallow round container large enough to fit the plates and pour enough water into it to cover plates completely. Remove plates and mark level of water on container.
  • 2. Empty container, dry it and fill with Dip ‘n Etch to line marked in Step 1. Leave for 15 minutes.
  • 3. Carefully remove plate from container. Place plates into container of water and rinse thoroughly. Repeat process with remaining glass plates. Return Dip ‘n Etch back to original jar for reuse.
  • 4. Print out full-size patterns. Place pattern beneath plate and trace onto plate with pencil or white chalk pencil.
  • 5. Basecoat blue flower with Indian Turquoise, pink flower with Baby Pink, purple flower with Purple Cow and red flower with True Red using #6 Filbert. Apply two to three coats. Let dry in between each coat.
  • 6. Refer to step-by-step painting guide to apply shadows using #6 Filbert and watered down paint. Use Desert Turquoise on blue flower, Royal Fuchsia on pink flower, Lavender on purple flower and Napa Red on red flower. Starting at the flower calyx, dab corresponding colors on each flower. Extend color half way up flower petals. Let watered down paint dry before continuing with second coat. Use same colors to outline flower edges with #1 liner.
  • 7. Basecoat top of purple flower Primary Yellow and outline with Coral Blush. Basecoat top of pink flower Coral Blush and outline with Primary Yellow.
  • 8. Basecoat all stems, leaves and calyx with Hauser Medium Green. Paint first highlights Foliage Green using #3 round; let dry. Paint second highlights Citron Green using #1 liner over previous highlights.
  • 9. For details, paint long and short "coma" strokes with #3 round or #1 liner in color of choice. Paint dots in a row along calyx in color of choice. Paint tri-dots and single dots randomly on main areas of flowers.
  • 10. Create squares around outer edge of each plate using #10 chisel blender. Use corresponding color of each flower base for squares. Leave a space the width of your brush in between squares for even spacing. Let dry and apply second coat if needed.
  • 11. Once dry, place plates inside cool oven on oven rack. Heat oven to 350°. When oven reaches 350°, bake for 30 minutes. Turn off oven after 30 minutes. Leave plates inside oven to cool then remove.
  • Tip
  • 1. This etching product will etch any glazed surface including porcelain sinks, ceramic tiles and glass tabletops. Wear latex gloves and be careful when using!