Holiday Candy Cane Plaque

Who can resist a candy cane? This easy to make holiday plaque will add a festive twist to your holiday home décor.
By  Donna Budzynski 


  • Wooden plaque in desired size
  • Gold Rub and Buff


  • Testors Craft Acrylic Paint: Ruby, Stop Sign, White, Black 
  • Saral Transfer Paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Computer generated words
  • White Chalk
  • Clear Varnish

Basic Supplies 

  • Pencil
  • Small soft rag
  • Container to rinse brushes

Project Instructions

1. Paint wood plaque background color Black, let dry.

2. Sketch out candy canes onto paper and transfer onto plaque. Print desired words from computer and transfer onto plaque.

Candy Cane sketched on Plaque

3. Paint words Stop Sign and use Ruby for shading. 

Christmas Plaque Paint Colors

4. Paint candy canes White and paint stripes Stop Sign. Once dry add highlight line with White. 

5. Apply Rub & Buff Rub Gold onto the edge of plaque. Let dry and rub some off to make it appear vintage. Use paintbrush to highlight letters in gold as shown. 

Christmas Decor - Candy Cane Plaque

6. Using chalk, rub the side of the chalk against the plaque edges to give a frosted look.

7. Use your favorite varnish to finish.