Gold-Tipped Feather Tree

Give your holiday decorations a touch of glam this year. Create this unique, chic Christmas tree from feathers! Hang it on your front door in place of your wreath or above your mantle.
By  Craft Marketing Connections for Design Master 



  • White foam board sheet, 20"x28"x 3/16”
  • White fluffy marabou feathers, 4”-6”, nineteen
  • Long white turkey with quills, 10”-12”, sixteen
  • Scrap of craft foam, 4"x12"
  • Gold cording, 1/8" diameter, 6 yds.


  • Design Master Gold Shimmer TintIT
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Basic Supplies 

  • Old newspapers
  • large cardboard box (for spraying)
  • pencil
  • metal ruler
  • cutting mat
  • craft knife
  • large paper clip

Project Instructions

1. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray only the bottom 2"-3" of 16 large feathers with Gold Shimmer TintIT. Spray several coats to make the color as intense as you'd like. After the first coat, spray additional coats a little further out on feathers so color gradually blends into the whiteness of the feathers. Insert feathers into scrap piece of foam to hold while drying.

2. Repeat to spray only the bottom 1½"-2" of 19 small feathers with Gold Shimmer TintIT; insert into scrap foam to hold while drying.

3. Draw a 8½"x20" rectangle on foam board sheet with pencil and metal ruler. Find the middle of one 8½" side and draw diagonal lines to opposite corners to form triangle.   

4. Cut out foam board triangle using craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat. Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper with several passes of the knife. Avoid seeing the straight line of foam through bottom feathers by drawing six zig zags along the bottom of the triangle. Use craft knife to cut out and discard little triangles. 

5. Refer to photo and position feathers onto foam board in rows as desired. For bottom row, place seven feathers with quills 7" up from bottom of foam board with feather ends extended off end of board. Rearrange feathers based on their shapes, with those curving right or left, on that side of the foam board. Set middle row of five feather quills 5" down from top point of foam board with ends overlapping bottom row of feathers. Set top row of four feather quills on top point of foam board with ends overlapping middle row of feathers. Wait to place any small feathers.

6. Gently slide out foam board from underneath feather arrangement. Re-position bottom row of feathers back onto foam board (7" up from bottom). Adjust so outside feathers extend over edge and foam board doesn't show between feathers. Adhere quills in place and hold foam board and quills on table until adhesive sets. Do not adhere anywhere else but quill ends of feathers.

7. Reposition and adhere five feather quills on middle row with bottoms fanned out and overlapping bottom row and outside feathers extending over edge of foam board. Do not glue bottoms of feathers. Any foam board spaces you see near the quills will later be covered by small feathers.

8. Reposition and adhere top row of four feathers with quills touching point of foam board triangle.

9. Refer to photo to place three rows of small feathers tucked in with the larger feathers. Distribute small feathers as follows: nine feathers for bottom row; five feathers for middle row; four feathers for top row; and one extending out top of foam board point. When satisfied with arrangement, adhere quills in place.

10. For gold bow, cut off 5" from gold cord. Loosely wind rest of the cord around your palm of your hand. Carefully slide off loops and tie middle of all loops with 5" cord. Tightly pull ends and knot. Separate loops to arrange bow. Adhere to top of feather tree.

11. Make a hanger by separating loops on large paper clip. Adhere small loop about 5" down from top, on back of foam board so large loop can hold tree.