Windowsill Succulent Planters

Brighten up your windowsill with these adorable clay pots!
By  Craft Marketing Connections 



Clay pots, 3”x4”, three
FloraCraft: Design It Silks & Naturals Desert Foam Mug Plug, 25/8”x3¾”; Straw Weavers Spanish Moss; Design It Simple Style Succulent Picks, three
Smooth colored paper


DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint: Coastal Waters, Pumpkin Patch, Lavender Fields, Cottonball, Canary
Paintbrushes: flat, #6, #2
Serrated knife
Glue gun and sticks

basic supplies

Paper towels
Container of water
Scrap paper

Project Instructions

1. Paint pots Lavender Fields, Pumpkin Patch and Coastal Waters with large brush. Clean brush after each color. Let dry. Apply second coat if needed.

2. Place Cottonball onto palette and slightly thin with water. Dip flat tip into thinned paint. Hold brush with flat tip running horizontally and practice making ¼” single strokes on scrap piece of paper.

3. Visualize a ½” circle in center of flowers and paint petals around circle with stroke practiced from Step 2. Randomly place flowers 1” apart. Repeat on all three pots.

4. Dip just the tip of small brush into Canary and dab onto center of each flower for a textured look. Repeat on all three pots. Let dry.

5. Cut foam mug plug into thirds with serrated knife and press into pots so that it’s ½” from pot rim.

6. Insert each succulent picks into center of foam. Arrange moss around succulents and adhere in place.