Terra Cotta Snake

By  Linda Valentino  



Clay pots, 1½”, twelve
Mini clay pots, ½”, three  
Wooden round beads, 1”, ten
Red foam scrap
String, 24”


DecoArt Patio Paint Outdoor: Cloud White, Geranium Red, Sunshine Yellow, Wrought Iron Black
API’S Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue


Paint palette or paper plate

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1. Paint insides and rims of 11 pots and three mini pots Sunshine Yellow. Paint body of six pots and three mini pots Wrought Iron Black. Paint body of five pots Geranium Red. Paint bottom of one pot and one mini pot Wrought Iron Black. Let dry completely.

2. Tie string into double knot. Insert opposite end of string into one black pot. Thread through 1” bead and inside red pot and out through the bottom. Add another 1” bead and thread through one black pot and out through the bottom. Continue threading alternating colored pots with 1” beads in between until all 11 pots are threaded. End with black-bottomed pot. Create double knot with a little wiggle room and cut excess. Apply dot of adhesive to both ends of knot to secure; let dry.

3. Adhere opening of one mini pot to bottom of last pot to cover knot. Adhere small piece of string to inside bottom of remaining two mini pots for added volume. Stack and adhere mini pots together with mini black bottom pot last. Let dry.

4. Use pencil to draw two ½” circles on rim of remaining black pot for eyes and paint Cloud White; let dry. Dip paintbrush handle into Wrought Iron Black and dot two eyes as shown. Dip toothpick into Cloud White and dot two nostrils as shown. Cut 2”x¼” strip from red craft foam, push into outer bottom hole of pot and apply adhesive inside pot to secure. Flag end of craft foam. Adhere head to body when dry. 

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