Distressed Birdhouse

By  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.  

size varies


Old birdhouse
FloraCraft Design It Silks & Naturals Desert Foam Mug Plug, 25/8”x3¾”
Decorative white eggs, 2½”, three
Metal tray and planter
Leafy greenery


Design Master Ubermatte Ultra Matte Color Finish: Crema, Mist, Light Ochre, Sprout
FloraCraft Design It Wire Cutter
Glue gun and sticks



Old white candle
Fine and medium grit sandpaper
Serrated knife
Paper towels
Old newspapers

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1. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray birdhouse with two light coats of Crema and let dry.

2. Use white candle to rub wax on all edges, corners and high surface areas to make it easier to distress after next layer of paint. Spray birdhouse with two light coats of Mist in a well-ventilated area. Let dry.

3. Remove Mist with sandpaper on waxed corners and surfaces from Step 2 to reveal Crema underneath. Remove as much as desired. Wipe off sanding dust with damp paper towel.

4. Rub candle onto random parts of eggs. Spray eggs with Mist, Light Ochre and Sprout. Let dry. Sand eggs to create light and medium areas of color. 

5. Cut mug plug in half with serrated knife. Adhere mug plug half into bottom of planter. Cut apart greenery bush into individual stems of varying lengths with wire cutter. Insert stems into plug, working from center out to completely fill planter.

6. Arrange birdhouse with planter on one side, with greenery extending up onto birdhouse and set eggs on tray on other side as shown.

*tip: Design Master’s Ubermatte spray can be used on glass, ceramics, pottery, wood, metal, stone, acrylic and more. Make matching stepping stones or other garden accessories with your leftover supplies.

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