All the Birdies Birdhouse

Create interesting texture and variation using fabric and texture spray.
By  Gloria Uhler  for  Testors



Wood birdhouse, 9”
Foam circle, 8”
Cardboard circle, 8” 
Foam stick on letters, ½”
Artificial hay
Twigs and branches
Decorative bird, 1”
Small silk flowers
Netting fabric scrap or cheesecloth


Testors: Aztek Airbrush, Paintcups, CreateFX Gravel Gray Texture Spray, White Enamel Primer Spray
Testors Aztek Airbrushable Acrylic Paint: Transparent Daisy, Purple Pearl, Opaque White, Fluorescent Green, Opaque Dark Gray
Small paintbrush
Low temp glue gun and sticks

basic supplies

Craft knife
Painter’s tape

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1. Poke hole in center of foam circle and spray Gravel Gray.

2. Lightly sand birdhouse and wipe away dust with clean, dry cloth.  Spray birdhouse with White Primer until opaque. Let dry.

3. Attach foam stick on letters on birdhouse roof as desired. Cover rest of birdhouse to protect it from overspray and airbrush roof Fluorescent Green.

4.Tightly hold netting fabric or cheesecloth against roof and lightly airbrush Opaque Dark Gray. Let dry.



5. Cover roof.  Mix (1:1) mixture of Transparent Daisy + Opaque White and airbrush bottom half of house. Add a bit more Transparent Daisy into paint mixture and airbrush top half of house darker. Let dry.



6. Airbrush inside of circle opening and perch Purple Pearl. Let dry.

7. Use tip of craft knife to carefully remove foam stick on letters.



8. Adhere small silk flowers, twigs and hay to birdhouse. Adhere bird on perch. Adhere birdhouse base to Gravel Gray foam circle. Cut cardboard circle slightly smaller than foam circle and adhere together. (Cardboard will prevent foam base from flaking.)



*tip: Protect areas not being painted from accidental overspray.

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