Butterfly Wings and Mask

This DIY project features Butterfly wings and a coordinating masque to enable the creation of an adorable Halloween costume for a teen or tweener.
By  Gloria Uhler 


  • Metal hangers, two
  • Black sheer pantyhose
  • Face mask
  • Black elastic, 1” wide
  • Black pipe clearners
  • Vitamin capsule 


  • Testors AirBrainz Airbrush Kit and Paint Sets: Primary #295307, Trend #295301
  • Testors Airbrainz Create-Your-Own Stencil #295180
  • Testors Gold Enamel Marker
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue gun

Basic Supplies 

  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Project Instructions

1. Form two wings from light metal hangers as shown. Bend hook down slightly.

DIY Buttefly Wings

2. Cut legs from pantyhose using scissors. Cut off toes and slice up the side of each leg to produce flat rectangular layers of fabric. The fabric should extend 1½” beyond the top and bottom of hanger. Trim excess with scissors.

DIY Buttefly Wings

3. Apply hot glue to the top curve of hanger and pull fabric against it. The excess 1½” should hang to the backside.

DIY Buttefly Wings

4. Stretch fabric and adhere it to areas indicated by red arrows as shown using hot glue. The fabric should be taut across the hanger.

DIY Buttefly Wings

5. Pull corner of top excess fabric to the backside of hanger and adhere to wire. The edge of the fabric will create an arc across the upper wing. If there is too much fabric, pull it across the back, then front, then back again. Always secure ends on back of wire.

DIY Buttefly Wings

6. Continue adhering fabric by stretching other corners across the wire. At the bottom, allow wrapped fabric to end in a tail. There is no right or wrong way to wrap the wire. Just be sure to eliminate any sag in the fabric and that none of the wire is exposed.

DIY Buttefly Wings

7. The Air Brainz kit comes with four clear, adhesive stencils. Use two to create a set of elongated teardrop shapes for the top and bottom of one wing as shown. Draw on the dull side of the stencil and cut out shapes using a craft knife. Create identical images on the shiny side of the remaining two stencils to produce mirror images for opposite wings.

DIY Buttefly Wings

8. Wash clip caps in warm sudsy water between applying different paint colors. Remove metal cap from black paint bottle, screw on click cap and attach airbrush as shown.


9. Connect airbrush to air propellant can using the grey fitting.


10. Airbrush entire white hanger wire with Black paint.

Airbrush Butterfly Wings

11. Stick stencils to wing as desired. Punch holes in a scrap corner piece of stencil and arrange it at the top of the wing. These pieces can be moved later as desired to create more white dots on other areas of wings.

Airbrush Butterfly Wings

12. Cover areas not being painted. Airbrush stenciled areas with White paint for base, let dry. 

Airbrush Butterfly Wings

13. Cover white dots and airbrush portions of fabric with Hot Pink paint and other areas with Sherbert as desired. Allow airbrushed colors to overlap for a pretty blended effect. Repeat to paint second wing. 

Airbrush Butterfly WingsAirbrush Butterfly Wings

14. Airbrush mask black. Using stencil parts, airbrush mask with Hot Pink and Sherbert to match wings. Create different size white spots by dipping the end of a vitamin capsule into white paint. The first spot will be large, the more dots you create the smaller the dots will be until you dip the capsule in paint again.

Butterfly MaskButterfly Mask

15. To connect wings, overlap hanger hooks and wrap with pipe cleaners. 

assemble butterfly wings

16. Place one-inch wide elastic behind center of wings. Wrap center of wings with pipe cleaners to attach elastic. Tuck in sharp pipe cleaner edges.