True Love Never Melts Canvas

By  Gloria Uhler  for  Testors

Adorn your home with this festive holiday couple, stencil-airbrushed onto canvas.

  • Testors


  • White canvas, 12”x16”
  • Foam stick-on letters
  • Rhinestones


  • Testors Aztek: Airbrush System, Acrylic Value Paint Set, Paint Cups
  • Testors Aztek Airbrushable Acrylic Paints: Sky Blue, Black, White
  • Paintbrushes: liner, flat
  • Alcohol markers
  • Toothbrush
  • Computer with printer
  • Adhesives: Eclectic Products E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive, repositionable spray adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • painter’s tape, plastic gloves, rubbing alcohol, Q-tip
  • 1. Find images of snow couple, snowflake, and heart online. Copy snow couple image and size it to be no more than 7-1/4" tall. Print images on cardstock and cut out with craft knife.

  • 2. Mark canvas vertically at 5-1/2" from left edge and place painter's tape on line. Spray wrong side of snow couple, heart, and snowflake with adhesive. Center snow couple 5-1/2" from top edge on right side of canvas. Adhere snowflake above couple. Airbrush right canvas panel with mix of Sky Blue + White paint.

  • 3. Arrange "true" 1-1/2" from canvas top using foam stick-on letters. Position "melts" 11-1/2" from canvas top. Arrange other words with equal spacing in between. Tilt letters slightly and alternate placement. Once arranged, peel off backings and stick letters to canvas. Place heart below words.

  • 4. Move painter's tape to right side to cover edge of painted blue panel. Airbrush left panel with Black paint. Let dry. Peel off letters and heart. If bits of letter backing remain, remove with alcohol on Q-tip. Use paint or marker to color heart red.

  • 5. Remove painter's tape and peel off snow couple template and snowflake. Lightly sketch snow couple details onto canvas using pencil. Color hats, scarves, and other features using paint and liner or markers. Start with outlines, then fill in colors and add shading.

  • 6. Create snowdrift below couple with White paint using flat. Position brush perpendicular to canvas and drag paint about an inch. Turn brush slightly to blend into thicker line.

  • 7. Dip toothbrush into White paint and tap onto paper towel to remove excess. Flick bristles to create snow on entire canvas with gloved finger. Apply E6000 to rhinestone and place it in snowflake center.