Stenciled Coasters

By  Gloria Uhler  for  Testors Corp.

size: 4"x4"

  • Stenciled Coasters
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  • Glass coasters, 4”x4”
  • Clear vinyl pads, 1/2”


  • Testors Aztek Airbrush System and Airbrushable Opaque Acrylic Paints: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Metallic Gold
  • Martha Stewart Crafts: Four Seasons Laser-Cut Stencils, Carolyna Script Alphabet Chalkboard Silkscreens

Basic Supplies

  • black permanent marker, paint cups, paper towel, painter’s tape, rubbing alcohol, craft knife
  • 1. Remove rubber feet from glass coasters using craft knife. Wipe coasters with rubbing alcohol to remove remaining adhesive. Clean coaster with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Apply small piece of painter's tape on front side of coaster. Use black marker to draw line down center of coaster. Draw two more lines on coaster dividing two halves into four equal spaces.

    Photo 2
  • 3. Mix small amount of Blue and Red paint to create crimson color. Position left edge of "N" against first line on underside of glass about 3/4" from bottom edge.

    Photo 3
  • 4. Hold letter in place and turn coaster over. Tape letter to coaster to secure. Cover surrounding area and airbrush silkscreen with mixed crimson paint.

    Photo 4

    Photo 5
  • 5. Position right edge of letter "l" against third line; tape in place. Airbrush using crimson paint. Let dry. Add "o" and "e" centered in between "N" and "l". Tape in place; airbrush using crimson paint. Let dry.

    Photo 6

    Photo 7
  • 6. Tape poinsettia stencil on back side of coaster. Airbrush poinsettia with crimson paint. Let dry.

    Photo 8

    Photo 9
  • 7. Airbrush back of coaster with light layer of Metallic Gold, adding more paint after each layer has dried until opaque.

    Photo 10
  • 8. Apply clear cushions to each corner on back side of coaster. Repeat Steps 1-8 to create additional coasters.

    Photo 11

    Photo 12
  • Tip
  • 1. Clean stencils with hot soapy water between applications to avoid paint build-up.